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Half as Much 8.16

The baby boomers are in the early stage of retirement, and this will reduce the number of future candidates for positions high and low.  See how this change will affect Gen Xers and Millennials.

CEO Pinch 2.15

60-Something baby boomer founders and CEO’s are getting ready to retire.  But where are the 50-Something successors?  Here are ways to make the transition work.

Strategic ≠ Plan 1.15

Although widely used, the term ‘strategic plan’ is an oxymoron.  If it’s a strategy it’s not a plan: and if it’s a plan, it’s not a strategy.

What Time Are You 5.13

Your preferred orientation to time determines things ranging from your professional field and your job to your style of working.  Use this simple visual gauge to learn or confirm your preferred orientation to time.

Prototyper or Industrializer 4 01

Nonprofits either create new solutions to new needs (prototypers), or they take proven solutions to scale (industrializers).  Your nonprofit’s choice will dramatically shape your strategy.

A Fresh Start 12.13

In the near future you can expect these trends to affect everything from your workforce to employee benefits and even real estate.

Sell Systems Not Programs 10.1.12

In the nonprofits of years past we used to be satisfied to create one new program at a time.  Tomorrow we must create systems.

Setting Strategy — What is a Business Plan 2 11

Nonprofit business planning is a rapidly growing practice.  Learn the three times when business planning is essential.


Collaboration Articles

Creating Partnerships 3.13

Partnerships are one of the feel-good terms of the decade.  Learn how to decide when and what kind of a partnership is needed.

Separations 1.03

Separations – or spinoffs – don’t happen very often in the nonprofit field.  Here’s how to do it if you ever need to.

The Subsidiary 11.1.13

Large nonprofits today often create subsidiary entities for a variety of purposes.  This widely circulated article explains what subsidiaries really are and how they get that way.



Board Members 11.14

What to do if the board just doesn’t seem to get it.

What Size Board — Fall 2013

What you ask your board to do helps determine the size the board needs to be.  Small is beautiful, but large raises more money.

Dotted Line – Management Contracts 2.14

Management contracts in the nonprofit world?  Yes.  Here’s why, and how and when to do it.

The Data Game — Conversion Rate 8.12

This simple formula can give you one way to measure the effectiveness of, well, just about any organized aspect of nonprofit management.

Whack a Manager — Oasis of Calm 12.06

Board meetings shouldn’t be an ongoing game of Whack-a-Mole.  Here’s how to avoid W-a-M.



Where are P&L’s 4.16

P&L’s is a quick abbreviation for ‘profit and loss’ statements.  This simple tool will help keep your finances in order

Modeling Success 12.14

What’s your business model?  Know your model thoroughly before starting your business plan.

Cashing In 6.13

Why the amount of cash a nonprofit has on hand can tell you a lot about its culture.

Nonprofit Ice Sculptures 4.13

Is your organization short on cash?  If so, it can’t move very fast.  How to fix it.

Membership Revenue Isn’t Free 12.08

Most nonprofit associations derive most of their revenue from memberships.  Here’s why your association acts the way it does.